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Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms and Conditions of Service

Effective 8/1/2020

Terms and Conditions of Service can be changed or modified at any time without notice


Federal-Oil.com is owned and operated by Federal Oil, LLC of 6 Riverside Drive, Ansonia CT 06401. By visiting our website and/or ordering Heating Oil from us, you engage in our Terms of Service and agree to bound by the following:


Prices in our website are subject to change at any time without notice. We do not cap or lock prices for heating oil, we only quote you the price for the next delivery in your area (usually 1-2 days).  Prices can fluctuate daily or during the day based on the market.  Prices for credit card are 10 cents more to cover any associated fees from our merchant services.  After placing the order, if orders are canceled, modified, or not delivered for any reason beyond our control, price per gallon is subject to change when new order is placed.


We offer COD delivery (Collect On Delivery). A COD delivery means that you (customer) will monitor your oil usage and we will deliver on a will-call basis. We do not offer Automatic Delivery. Our delivery schedule is divided in 2 areas (please refer to “Delivery Area” page for details)

Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons. If we deliver less than 90 gallons due to tank filling up, there will be a $40 under minimum fee, or will be charge for full 100 gallons, whichever is less

Fill pipes must be easily accessible for delivery. During winter season, driveways and walkways should be properly cleaned from snow and sanded. A path should be cleared from snow leading to designated fill pipe. Also, a clear path is needed from debris and obstacles to reach the designated fill pipe. At day of delivery any gates leading to the fill pipe should be unlocked and dogs should remain inside or on leash. At driver’s discretion, delivery will not be made if driver assesses that is not safe to make the delivery.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule deliveries due to inclement weather, allocations of products, shortages of product, strikes, acts of nature or anything beyond our control.

Oil Storage

The oil storage tank and any associated piping (including oil lines) belong to you, or the property owner. As such, we neither assume or accept any responsibility for this equipment or its maintenance. Remediation requirements resulting from spills, leaks, or overfills due to the malfunction of this equipment are the responsibility of the tank owner.

We strongly encourage all oil storage tanks to be equipped with proper overfill protection, including the installation of an oil level vent alarm at your expense. Frozen oil lines, sludge or heating equipment failures remain your responsibility.

We accept no responsibility and we will not be liable for damages that may result from faulty piping and storage tanks, regardless of cause.

If you have more than one storage tank located anywhere on your property (either in active use or inactive), or if you reside in a multi-family complex where multiple storage tanks are present, it is your responsibility to clearly label your tank or fill pipe to prevent accidental fuel delivery to an incorrect storage tank. We are not to be held liable for deliveries to incorrect tanks when tanks are not appropriately labeled, and we have not been notified or instructed that multiple tanks are located on the property.

No Whistle, No fill

Fuel oil tank are affixed with a whistle that engages while the tank is being filled. A functioning whistle is a critical component of your fuel oil storage tank system for both safety and efficiency. Located in the vent pipe above the tank, the whistle is designed to sound while the tank is being filled during an oil delivery. As the oil flows inside, the air within the tank must be displaced. The whistle lets you know that the air is flowing out of the vent pipe the way it should, and that oil is pumping to fill the tank. If the driver cannot hear the whistle while pumping the oil, the delivery cannot be made to ensure safety and avoid spillage.

Payments, Fees and Credits

All payments are due on time of order or time of delivery. We accept cash, money orders, certified checks, personal or business checks and all major credit cards. We do not bill for services or heating oil delivered.

When ordering a set amount of gallons payment by credit card are collected on time of order, all other forms of payment are collected on time of delivery.  If no one can be home or at premises at time of delivery, a payment must be left at a designated place at premises and advice our office staff for payment instructions.

If you overpaid for heating oil, the remaining balance will remain on the account which can be used for future deliveries or we must be notified in writing at federaloilllc@gmail.com to issue a refund by check or on your credit card.

All returned checks are subject to a $30 fee. We will attempt to deposit the check for a 2nd time after it has been returned by our bank institution, if the check is returned, another $30 fee is added to total balance. We will notify you by phone or in writing of your returned check and balance, if balance is not paid in full within 10 business days your account will be handed to our collection department and may be subject to collection and/or attorney’s fees.

We reserve the right to not service any location with an outstanding balance or for any reason not described herein.

Commercial Customers

Your heating oil purchase may be subject to state and local taxes depending on your jurisdiction and type of organization. Please make sure that you have notified our office of this obligation to ensure that you are being billed correctly for your purchases. In all events, taxes remain your responsibility and you will reimburse us if we are asked to pay them in your behalf.

Emergency Deliveries

All emergency deliveries are taken at the management discretion but are not guaranteed. Same day deliveries and after hour deliveries are subject to extra, and overtime fees.


Federal Oil does not offer any service for burners and furnaces. For an extra fee, if mentioned at time of order, we can have our drivers to perform a start-up of your burner if storage tank is out of oil.

If start-up is unsuccessful you will not be charged the fee, and a licensed technician is needed to perform the necessary work to get the burner running.

To better service our customers Federal Oil can recommend for free and without any commissions, licensed and insured technicians that serve the area, but are not liable for any service performed or pricing charged by outside contractors.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Service

You accept these Terms when placing an online order via our website, or by placing an order via phone or any other form of contact and by placing order by third party sites, agents or brokers that Federal Oil is associated with.