Q. What is a C.O.D Company?

A. A C.O.D (Cash-On-Delivery) is a Company that requires full payment for its product at time of delivery. We accept the following methods of payments: Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit or Debit Card(Visa, MC, Discover)

Q. When can I expect my oil delivery?

A. We can schedule your oil delivery either the next day or the following day from the day
which you placed the order.

Q. What time will the driver be here?

A. We can never estimate or guarantee the time of delivery, but only the day of delivery.
Traffic, loading of product at terminals, planning of daily routines etc., are some of many
issues that we cannot predict the time of delivery.

Q. Why is the price higher for Credit Card Payments?

A. We encourage our customers to pay with other methods, but we offer the option to paywith Credit Card as well. The price for Credit Card charges is higher because we pay a
percentage to Merchant Services every time we use the Credit Card Machine. That does not give us more profit, but only to cover some of the fees that we have to pay.

Q. Why should I consider Automatic Delivery?

A. Make your life less complicated – let us take the responsibility for keeping fuel in your tank while you deal with life’s other challenges. With Federal Oil’s automatic fill program you never need to worry again about running out of fuel and the financial obligations that can potentially follow. Doesn’t it make sense to leave that responsibility to us?

Q. Do you wait until prices are highest to make deliveries?

A. No. We couldn’t even if we wanted to. Wholesale prices change on daily basis, and we have no idea whether they’re heading up or down. Also, waiting might cause people to run out of oil, and our business depends on your satisfaction.
We base our oil deliveries on one thing- when you need oil.

Q: Will I use more oil on Automatic Delivery?

A: No. You can’t fill a teapot with any more than what’s been poured out. The same goes for your oil tank. We can only deliver to replace what you actually use.

Q: How long is the Automatic Delivery program for?

A: Automatic delivery program is good for one year from the date of signed contract. After that we will still deliver on automatic basis because it is our responsibility to not let you run out of oil even though the contract has ended. Customer may call after one year to opt-out of the contract.


These are some of the most frequently questions we get asked. We will be more than happy to answer any question or concern you might have. We are just a phone call or a click away.