Delivery Service

Discover the warmth from our personalized full service oil delivery! FEDERAL OIL is dedicated to providing excellent service with every gallon of fuel oil we deliver. We were founded & built on the promise that if you take good care of your customers, your customers will take good care of you.


If you wish to control the amount of fuel oil you receive as well as when you receive it, this delivery option is for you. Please allow 24-48 hours when scheduling your delivery with our attentive delivery manager.. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.


With Automatic Delivery, we know when to fill your tank. Thanks to a sophisticated monitoring system, we can keep track of your fuel usage as well as weather forecasts. Here’s how Automatic Delivery works:

Your “K-factor”

Each home is different. A small home for just one couple needs less fuel to get through a winter than a
split level house for a family of four. We track your usage rate by assigning a “K-factor.” Its much like a
car’s MPG.

Oil tank size

You may burn less fuel than your neighbor, but if you have a smaller tank, you’ll need a delivery sooner.

Degree days

A heating degree day is a measurement designed to reflect the demand for energy needed to heat a building. By using historical weather and other customer specific data we are able to determine how many “degree days” your home will accrue before needing a fuel delivery.

Emergency delivery is available 24 hours 7 days a week. Please note that this service is only if you are out of oil. All emergency deliveries will be taken at the discretion and availability of FEDERAL OIL and is subject to extra fees and charges.

Federal Oil, LLC is a full service company offering:
-Installations of Burners, Water Heaters & Oil Tanks
-Burner Cleanings and Repairs.
-Annual Service Contracts (must sign up for automatic delivery)
-24/7 Emergency Services